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Get your money!

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Fostering connections, deepening knowledge, encouraging appreciation, and providing financial support for new music created in the United States

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Hundreds of opportunities for composers

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Helpful resources page for information  on grants, nonprofits, and fundraising

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Increasing the visibility of women artists in all art forms

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"Providing artists with the resources to grow"

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ACF partners with a variety of ensembles and organizations to create opportunities for new work to flourish - a GREAT site for resources

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  Comprehensive list of organizations under "funding" 

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Grants, workshops, community gatherings & retreats.

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Provides grants falling under categories of arts, communities and journalism

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Project based support to arts organizations and individuals for the creation of work that is representative of the diverse cultures and communities of the

Bay Area

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Grants, resources and opportunities for artists in California

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Programs, services and funding opportunities for traditional arts

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Business training, grants, incubating innovative projects, tools and practices for artists in the field, and conditions that contribute to realizing financial self determination.

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Grants to American nonprofit organizations to support direct exchange in the arts between USA and the Baltic States, Central Asia, Central/East/SE Europe, Mongolia and Russia

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The fund’s purpose is to encourage and improve public knowledge and appreciation of contemporary American music

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Invites artists and nonprofit organizations to create new art works through collaborations.

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Grants to support the creative musical activity of San Francisco Bay Area performers, composers and presenters whose projects focus specifically on music for the small ensemble

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